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Our experienced crew delivers rock products to your door, and assists with unloading large and small materials. Our punctual delivery schedule is flexible and convenient. Appointments will be confirmed prior to delivery.

We offer trucks in several sizes, a small truck with a payload capacity of 4-5 tons depending on the delivery area. A larger truck with a payload capacity of 18-20 tons depending on the delivery area. *All trucks max tonnage is based on weight to volume ratios. Lighter materials will max truck holding capacity before weight capacity is met. Scale house staff will be able to assist you on carrying capacities during your visit or over the phone.

*Lighter loads meaning the volume to weight ratio before the truck is filled.


Scale house staff can assist you with estimating material, tonnage, and any other inquiries you may have on your specific project.


We can provide you with list of contractor companies that we trust, use or recommend to complete jobs within a certain field of expertise.

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