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Are there any fees for loading?

No, there are no fees for loading your vehicle. However, there is a $7.00 minimum that will be assessed if under that amount while being loaded. There are no minimums or fees if you self load in our self load area.

What if I am unsure of the type of aggregate I need for my project?

If you are unsure of what kinds of material we offer or what you need for your project, stop by our office and view our samples or check out our Products Page to choose the best material to suit your needs. Please keep in mind that several types of material may be used for a job. We will try and assist you with the best possible material.

This is my first time in the quarry. What steps must I take in order to purchase aggregate?

Once you know what type of aggregate you need for your project, you may proceed onto the scale (2-way scale). A buzzer will sound when the tare weight of your vehicle has been taken, at which point you may drive off of the scale and head to the stop sign.

There you will find a list of rules and regulation guidelines all must follow while in the mining area. You will not be loaded or be asked to leave if the rules and regulations are not followed. If you wish to place a tarp or a cover in your trailer or the bed of your pickup, now is the time to do so before heading into the mine area. You will then proceed down to the loading area to left is for home owners and anyone loading 2 tons or less to the right is for commercial vehicles and vehicles/trailers carrying in excess of 2 tons.

Once you are in the loading area, please remain in your vehicle at all times. Heavy equipment have many blind spots and may not see you or your passengers. Stay in your vehicle to avoid injury. Also please be aware you will be loaded in the order that you arrive so please be patient as other vehicles may be in the process of loading up.

Once you are loaded, you may head back to the scale to weigh your vehicle. Again if you are covering your load you must do so after leaving the mining area. Once on the scale and you hear the buzzer sound, we have your gross weight and may proceed to scale house window for payment.

What type of payments do your accept?

Currently, we are only taking Checks or Cash sorry no credit or debit cards at this time.

Why are there so many rules and regulations to follow?

As with any mining operation, we must follow all rules and regulations set forth by the federal government Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) and state Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They set forth all rules and regulations for mining operations and everyone must adhere to them while in a mining area. Mainly it’s for your safety and to avoid injuries.

Do you offer deliveries?

Yes, we offer deliveries in several different size trucks depending on the amount you need for your job. We have a smaller truck that can hold 4-6 tons depending on the material and 16-20 tons depending on the material. We also offer a 25-ton truck on certain needs and availability of the truck.

What time frame do I need to give and when can I expect my delivery?

We usually ask for 1 day advance notice to schedule your delivery but you may schedule in advance up to a month ahead. We schedule all deliveries from our earliest time slot 7:30 am for large trucks and 8:30 am for our small truck and work our way from there. We cannot schedule specific time slots if the slots prior are not already filled.

Do you scale vehicles for DMV?

Yes, we scale any and all vehicles including trailers, boats and containers. We will scale anything you need to be scaled for a $10 per scale fee. Our scales are certified with the state and calibrated and tested every year.

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